Whether you're a seasoned CTFer, or you've never written a line of code, you'll be able to get involved with EasyCTF!


Our new and improved classrooms feature makes it easier for teachers to integrate EasyCTF into classroom instruction!


Solve challenges faster than other teams to earn your spot on the leaderboard, whether you're eligible or not.


Teams that consist of high school students from US schools are eligible to win prizes! Click here to learn more.

Intense Cybersecurity Contest

No, we're not running around in a gym, tagging other players. Capture the flag contests, or CTFs for short, are intense cybersecurity contests where participants try to capture pieces of information, called flags.

Fun, Competitive Style

The race to the top is on! Submit flags and watch your team go up on the leaderboard. You'll get a full week to solve as many challenges as possible.